Evolution of landscape design Such a thing as landscape design appeared many centuries ago. Even in ancient Rome, the nobility ennobled their estates in the form of oases, gardens, majestic…

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A beautiful suburban area
A beautiful suburban area does not appear by itself, it is a creation of human hands. But before you create such an unsurpassed recreation area, you need to make a…

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Installing an outdoor pool
When installing an outdoor pool, the first thing you need to solve the problem of purity and safety of water. The aquatic environment is the habitat of thousands of microorganisms,…

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Mulch-what mulching materials to give preference to

The most effective type of natural agriculture is soil mulching, which allows not to dry out and not to overheat the soil cover, thereby protecting the root system of plants.

Depending on the origin and composition of the mulching material is:



Organic mulch
Forty two trillion three hundred forty two billion three hundred fifty two million three hundred forty two thousand three hundred forty two Continue reading

New old garden – how to revive an old garden or plot

A garden is a living organism. As soon as you stop caring for it, the process of withering begins.

If the site is not cared for long enough, its appearance becomes inappropriate. In just a few years, shrubs and trees turn into thickets, while lawns are overgrown with weeds.

Some people, assessing this type of site, come to the idea that to lay a new garden at times easier than to transform the existing one. However, this is not quite true. Even if the site is very running, it has a number of advantages over the new one.

First, the site, which already has trees and shrubs has an upper tier of plants. To achieve this result in the new territory, you will have to wait a long time – at least five years. Continue reading

The Heather garden is one of the brightest representatives of monocultural gardens

One of the brightest representatives of monocultural gardens is Heather. As a rule, this direction involves the use of not only Heather, but also Erica.

An interesting fact is that the Heather has only one species. Nevertheless, gardening of personal plots does not bypass this plant, actively using it as an additional element or as the composite center.

In the case of monocultural gardens, Heather is the basis of landscaping. Despite the fact that there is only one type of Heather, there are a sufficient number of varieties. They differ from each other in the color of the petals, leaf shape, flowering period. Continue reading

How to purify swimming water: an overview of outdoor pool filtration methods
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Protection from the wind in the landscape-3 tips from professionals
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Flowerpots in the landscape - allow you to diversify the design solution
Clearly, landscaping involves planting plants directly into the ground. However, if there is no possibility for planting plants in the garden, you can use tubs and flowerpots. They will diversify…


How to prepare grasses for winter
No landscape design of the garden area can not do without the use of decorative grasses. They have become very popular due to its unpretentiousness: virgin millet; miscanthus; fescue; bouteloua…