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There is a misconception that only in a large garden, you can create a beautiful landscape design. Today we will tell you about a few tricks that will help you create a cozy courtyard, even in a small area. Of course, it is better to resort to the help of a professional designer, but if you still decided to arrange the infield on their own, then I hope this little article will be useful to you.

Whatever the site may be, but the presence of paths – a necessary element of each garden, which carries as a functional background, and is a link between different areas of the infield.

So! It is necessary to design the garden so that the places for paving and paths were few.
The large size of the paving not only visually reduces the garden, but also “steals” space for landscaping, and the feeling that you are on a city street and not in your cozy courtyard will create discomfort in the moments of your rest.

It is better that the area for landscaping occupied at least ¾ of the entire site.

Wide and straight paths in a small space-not a good idea. On the contrary, elegant, winding and narrow will not be so noticeable to the eye, but also functional, comfortable and beautiful. We do not recommend to make them completely of concrete, but, for example, stone or wood in the form of roundels with the method of laying, adhering to 10-15 cm between the elements, just perfect in this situation.

Seemed how many songs can be combined and even in the off season to please the eye with bright shimmering! Flower garden does not take up much space, if you break it into two or even three tiers with retaining walls.
This idea does not take much space and, moreover, visually pull the plot and visually increase it. Plants for such a composition need to choose different heights, the shorter the stem, the lower the tier is planting material.


But, in any case, to have such an option in the middle of the square can not be such a decor should be planted on the edges of the garden, that would achieve the desired effect. This will help you hide Your garden from the neighbors, and in the evening, with the right lighting, it will seem that the garden has a continuation in that direction.

Do not compose a lot of elements, in a small area it will look ridiculous.

Try to use elements with straight lines as little as possible in your area. Any Mafy and design must be in singular copy and on some distance from each other.

Do not forget about the simple rule of the game color, everyone knows that light, pastel colors visually increase the space, dark and bright – on the contrary! Avoid contrast spots in the design. In the foreground of the observer should be planted larger plants and large foliage in the background small, linear perspective effect is appropriate in the case when you are important optical illusion from the observation site, do not forget that the species point where small plants will be in the foreground, will play in the opposite direction!

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