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Mulch-what mulching materials to give preference to

The most effective type of natural agriculture is soil mulching, which allows not to dry out and not to overheat the soil cover, thereby protecting the root system of plants.

Depending on the origin and composition of the mulching material is:



Organic mulch
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To get the best result from mulching, to enrich the soil with useful substances, it is necessary to give preference to organic types of mulching materials:

Rotted manure is used in a mixture with the surface layers of the soil, as fresh this organic material has the properties to lose nitrogen, which adversely affects the yield.

Sawdust is ideal for mulching berries and some vegetables. Before laying them, it is recommended to introduce nitrogen fertilizers or ash into the soil, since sawdust contributes to the oxidation of the soil cover.

The use of garden compost (rotted leaves, grass, waste) improves the structure of the soil, promotes the natural reproduction of useful organic microorganisms, thereby increasing soil fertility and increasing yields.

To preserve soil moisture and maintain the optimum temperature allows mulching peat. This type of mulch provides looseness to clay soils and gives density to sandy soils. No wonder peat is used for germination of vegetable seeds.

Mulching with green manure (Lupin, tobacco, legumes) enriches the soil with nitrogen, prevents weathering and leaching of nutrients.

Wood bark and wood chips have not only mulching properties, but are also used as a decorative material. Ideal for mulching fruit trees, raspberries, shrubs.

Freshly mown lawn grass is also suitable as mulch, but it should be remembered that fresh grass has the properties of pereprevat, increasing the temperature, so this type of mulch should be used very carefully so as not to damage the roots of plants. And it is better to give the mowed grass to dry a little and then safely use on the beds.

Coniferous needles-ideal mulch for berry crops (strawberries, strawberries), which prevents the appearance of gray rot on the beds. Berries, settling down on such mulch, will always be pure.

Inorganic mulch
inorganic mulch

Inorganic mulch should include the following materials:



marble crumb;



The use of mulching materials has a positive effect on the quality of the soil cover, landscaping of the HOMESTEAD and increases the yield of horticultural crops.

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