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We take advantage of the relief area of the garden

Those who have a private house or cottage, understand how important it is that the garden at home was beautiful and not like everyone else.

The problem to create an amazing landscape design sometimes overtakes designers, then something comes to the aid and interesting terrain.

Especially true for those areas where there are differences in levels or slopes. Although this method is complex, but it is very interesting and it can be used to use the most unusual methods for decorating the garden.

Terracing of the garden area
What style you choose for your future garden design depends on the terrain. Plots can be placed on the slopes of mountains, on hills, near the shores of artificial ponds or rivers, as well as in areas with a difference in levels.

From the designer will require very careful work and the use of non-standard approach. In such circumstances, any garden should be built first with horizontal terraces. When the method of creating terraces used in areas without relief, the level differences are created artificially. In the relief area everything has already been done by nature.

Landscape design involves the construction of ledges on the slopes. Before starting work, it is necessary to measure the site, based on the data, set the size and number of terraces.

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The average height of the terraces is 70 cm, and the width is about 5 m. If the site is very large, it can be created more than four terraces.

On reliefs where the soil is loose, there is a high risk that the terraces will collapse due to erosion or landslides. To avoid this, special retaining walls are built.

Designers do not adhere to strict straight lines, but on the contrary try to make the terraces natural, curved, so that they enliven the garden and make it more harmonious.

Terracing has not only aesthetic purpose. Thanks to it, the soil is less eroded, the land is protected from erosion.

The garden, whose territory is delimited by terraces, can be very functionally zoned into places for recreation, for the maintenance of the reservoir.

At the landscape designer in such territory will be where will swing for decorative gardening.

Lawns, planting, ponds, orchards will look very nice at different levels. Where the seams of the retaining walls are located, plants can also grow. Each level can be individually decorated.

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