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Curly haircut plants-the best decoration of garden plots

Every year landscape design becomes more and more popular among owners of country houses.

In particular, in our country, more and more fame and rapidly began to gain topiary art, which, by the way, has long been popular in many countries.

If we talk about the history of this direction, its roots go back to the time of the Roman Empire. It was then that the gardens of most nobles began to decorate a variety of plants, trimmed in fancy shapes.

But how many years have passed over the time of that era, and artistic cutting of garden and Park plants in our time remains the same interesting and entertaining hobby.

Today, topiary art practically knows no boundaries.

Masters can give trees and bushes a variety of shapes:


geometrical figure;

architectural structure.

In General, it is an art that helps the landscape artist to Express all his violent fantasies.

Green sculptures
However, as easy as it may seem at first glance, cutting plants requires compliance with certain technologies and techniques.

The necessary plants are planted in special metal topiary frames filled with peat-sphagnum filler.

The form can be maintained for five years, but this period may vary depending on the characteristics of the plant, the quality of care, as well as climatic conditions.

First you need to choose a place where the future figure will be located. The choice of this place depends directly on the designer, who develops the landscape project of the site.

To create a sculpture is best, of course, suitable evergreen trees. At the same time, they must be resistant to cold, grow slowly, unpretentious to growth conditions, and must have a suitable crown.

However, not many crops of trees and shrubs are suitable for this purpose. To be more precise, each climate zone has a number of plants that can grow only in this climate.

The best option may be:
several species of larch;



Alpine currant;

shaggy pear.

This can also include plants such as:

Apple trees – Siberian and slivovica;





the game is canadian;

quinces and Japanese chimelis;

rose hips, viburnum;


Since the shape must be constantly adjusted, indispensable in the care of figures will be a garden saw, garden scissors and suchkorez, pruners.

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