Hedge of roses-practical advice from professionals
During the process of landscaping the site certainly raises the question of what plants are best to choose. Perhaps many will agree that nothing can compare with the beauty and…

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Dutch garden-tulips, riot of colors and textures
Despite the fact that there is no clear expressed Dutch style in the design of open-type territories, there are a number of features that are usually generalized under this concept.…

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Yellow-orange garden-creation of Sunny and festive mood
The best and best option to create a Sunny and festive mood will be the presence in the vast number of plants of yellow and orange. Such a color scheme…

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How to purify swimming water: an overview of outdoor pool filtration methods

Decorative function of reservoirs in suburban areas pay much attention, but often decorative ponds are not designed for swimming.

Therefore, many owners of villas in order to create comfort in the garden are building swimming pools.

The most popular is a pond of concrete. It is reliable, durable and not so complicated in construction.

In operation, this design is unpretentious and requires only periodic cleaning.

Pond in the garden looks aesthetically pleasing, but for its correct application is important to fully comply with the provided technology.

Construction of concrete pools is carried out in several stages:
pit. The parameters of the excavation depend on the size of the plot. Too large a pool in a small area will look ridiculous and will not allow you to fill the garden with the necessary landscaping;

arrangement of the base and reinforcement. This stage is called the creation of the” skeleton ” of the pool. It is the quality of reinforcement that will affect the stability of the structure;

the device of the formwork. It is chosen in accordance with the parameters of the future pool;

concreting is carried out, and embedded elements are placed in the necessary places;

next, the formwork is removed, and the masters begin to align the walls of the pool;

waterproofing. The quality of the insulation depends on how well the structure will hold water without damaging the concrete;

decorative finish. At this stage, you can show imagination. Often pools are decorated with decorative tiles. Garden ponds perform in a variety of styles, combining with landscaping and decoration.

Properly organized not only the pool, but the entire area around it, you can achieve the most effective result.

By placing canopies, convenient approaches to the garden pond and exotic plants on the territory, you can create an elite resort right at your dacha.

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