In the garden

New old garden - how to revive an old garden or plot
A garden is a living organism. As soon as you stop caring for it, the process of withering begins. If the site is not cared for long enough, its appearance…

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Green manure — it is recommended to adhere to the rules listed in article
Quite often, in the process of long-term planning of the garden, plants are used that do not allow the soil to lose water and moisture permeability. For soil remain not…

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Yellow-orange garden-creation of Sunny and festive mood
The best and best option to create a Sunny and festive mood will be the presence in the vast number of plants of yellow and orange. Such a color scheme…

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Gardener services in Kiev-the best service from our company

Your dream has come true and you are the owner of a wonderful garden plot, which has turned into a picturesque flowering oasis, inspiring you to new creative achievements.

Now you can relax in the lap of nature, admiring the unique landscape, inhaling the delicate aromas of spring, feeling the freshness of the morning summer or admiring the evening sunset at the artificial pond.

The trees in the garden have grown, began to give the first harvest and now they need not only the caring hand of the owner, collecting the fruits, but also the professionalism of the gardener, without which now can not do. Continue reading

Landscape design-tips from a landscape design company

When arranging any territory it is important to consider the basic requirements. These include practicality, safety and design.

Practicality provides unhindered movement on the territory from one object to another.

The same process also includes safety considerations. At the same time, any territory should have an attractive appearance. To compare all the criteria and achieve this goal will allow landscape design.

At arrangement of the territory are often used, both long-term plantings, and difficult designs which it is impossible even at desire to move from one place to another. Continue reading

Mail composition – how to determine soil structure

Soil composition – the main factor responsible for the fertility of the land. This is especially true of the upper layers of soil cover, where the root system of plants develops.

This is where their nutrient enrichment takes place.

Before you start gardening, you need to check the structure of the soil on your site.

For this:

the mechanical and chemical composition is analyzed;

the ability of soil to absorb and retain moisture is considered;

the quantity and quality of humus contained in the soil is determined. Continue reading

Vertical vegetable garden-basic tips and tricks

The land around the private household has always been used with maximum benefit for the owners.

But nowadays, any owner of the local area strives to create a beautiful and optimal option, regardless of its size.

There should be present not only garden plants, but also decorative elements, and a green lawn for picnics, and beautiful flower beds with numerous flower beds.

But do not forget about the cultivation of fresh herbs and various herbs, a small amount of vegetables and berries. What if the availability of free space is completely absent, while there is a great desire to optimize the space?

In this case, you can use the old proven methods, and modern methods, and design ideas for a great combination of decorative garden and fruit plants, composing small beds both horizontally and vertically. Continue reading

Moss garden-the historical direction of the Japanese garden

For the first time moss was used to create Japanese gardens.

And this is not surprising, since the landscape design of territories in the Eastern style is focused on the active use of stones. The first appearance of moss in the garden is directly related to the architectural and decorative forms of stones.

The moss garden is a historical Japanese garden trend. This solution does not involve the use of bright colors or colorful combinations.

At the heart of the color series are all shades of green – from light green to olive-gray tones.

It is considered that the mosses are undemanding and grow wherever possible. In fact, this is not quite true. Continue reading

Mulch-what mulching materials to give preference to
The most effective type of natural agriculture is soil mulching, which allows not to dry out and not to overheat the soil cover, thereby protecting the root system of plants.…


So presenting the house in the style of high-tech, with the correct clear forms, the first thing that draws our imagination is the style of art Nouveau, minimalism and inherent…


Mulch-what mulching materials to give preference to
The most effective type of natural agriculture is soil mulching, which allows not to dry out and not to overheat the soil cover, thereby protecting the root system of plants.…


Dutch garden-tulips, riot of colors and textures
Despite the fact that there is no clear expressed Dutch style in the design of open-type territories, there are a number of features that are usually generalized under this concept.…