In the garden

How to purify swimming water: an overview of outdoor pool filtration methods
Garden, despite the fact that the original idea was intended for the cultivation of fruit plants, eventually turned into a place to relax. The aesthetics of planting ornamental trees and…

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Dutch garden-tulips, riot of colors and textures
Despite the fact that there is no clear expressed Dutch style in the design of open-type territories, there are a number of features that are usually generalized under this concept.…

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Architectural plants-an opportunity to emphasize the originality of the landscape
Quite often, experts in the process of gardening, use the so-called architectural plants in order to emphasize the originality and beauty of the landscape, to combine several zones into a…

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There is a misconception that only in a large garden, you can create a beautiful landscape design. Today we will tell you about a few tricks that will help you create a cozy courtyard, even in a small area. Of course, it is better to resort to the help of a professional designer, but if you still decided to arrange the infield on their own, then I hope this little article will be useful to you.

Whatever the site may be, but the presence of paths – a necessary element of each garden, which carries as a functional background, and is a link between different areas of the infield. Continue reading


Evolution of landscape design

Such a thing as landscape design appeared many centuries ago. Even in ancient Rome, the nobility ennobled their estates in the form of oases, gardens, majestic sculptures, fountains and ponds.

modern features inherent in landscape design today

Now our world consists mainly of artificial materials, in the form of glass, stone, brick … Modern innovations are gradually replacing the natural landscape. There is a standard list of styles in landscape design, which today designers use in their creations. Continue reading


Rose-a noble flower that can be a decoration of any area, regardless of its style. This plant looks great, as in the parterre plantings and landscape style. An incredible number of varieties allows the designer to pick up as the color of the Bud and its shape. Often our customers are concerned about the question – to Cover the rose or not, to prune or not necessary. Let’s talk about it:

Hilling roses is the first step in preparing the flower for winter. It is desirable to carry out the procedure of hilling twice. In mid-October, under the base of the shrub to pour a little soil to protect from early frosts. And the second time just before the onset of constant cold. Continue reading


The summer is over, bright greens like that too quickly and quietly changed the shades a Golden color, and soon the cold wind and did the bare silhouettes of the trees. Only coniferous inhabitants of the garden do not change their appearance. So, summer is over, the trees are getting ready for bed, and we have work in the garden no less than in the warmer months…

No garden is complete without a bright juicy lawn, and one of the most frequent questions: What to do with the lawn, when to stop cutting it, how to avoid spring troubles as much as possible? Continue reading


So presenting the house in the style of high-tech, with the correct clear forms, the first thing that draws our imagination is the style of art Nouveau, minimalism and inherent landscape design. But I must say that whatever style You prefer, the formed plant in the composition, in bardyurnoy or single planting immediately give Your garden a well-groomed appearance.

Usually the owners of suburban areas are divided into two groups: Continue reading

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