Landscape design-tips from a landscape design company
When arranging any territory it is important to consider the basic requirements. These include practicality, safety and design. Practicality provides unhindered movement on the territory from one object to another.…

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The summer is over, bright greens like that too quickly and quietly changed the shades a Golden color, and soon the cold wind and did the bare silhouettes of the…

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How to plant tulips in autumn-effective tips
Landscape design of the suburban area involves the mandatory introduction of bright colors in the surrounding space. To revive and decorate the garden area in the spring can tulips of…

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Moss garden-the historical direction of the Japanese garden

For the first time moss was used to create Japanese gardens.

And this is not surprising, since the landscape design of territories in the Eastern style is focused on the active use of stones. The first appearance of moss in the garden is directly related to the architectural and decorative forms of stones.

The moss garden is a historical Japanese garden trend. This solution does not involve the use of bright colors or colorful combinations.

At the heart of the color series are all shades of green – from light green to olive-gray tones.

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Flowerpots in the landscape – allow you to diversify the design solution

Clearly, landscaping involves planting plants directly into the ground.

However, if there is no possibility for planting plants in the garden, you can use tubs and flowerpots. They will diversify the design solution, making the overall appearance of the garden interesting and unusual.

Note the fact that the trees in tubs grown in the eighteenth century. Mostly, exotic plants were planted in tubs.

In the design of the gardens of those times, you can see vases with trees of lemons, oranges. A little later, the pots began to plant flowers, which were decorated with ponds and gazebos. Continue reading

Yellow-orange garden-creation of Sunny and festive mood

The best and best option to create a Sunny and festive mood will be the presence in the vast number of plants of yellow and orange.

Such a color scheme will symbolize joy and jubilation, the sun and power. And the ancient Chinese associated this tone with wisdom and glory.

Lemon color perfectly expands the space, providing a warm feeling and reflection at all levels, improves mood, energizes and will be a great incentive for creative activity.

It is not necessary to be sure that the yellow hue is associated with the autumn time of year, as there are a large number of species of plants that have yellow or orange coloration of leaves and flowers. Continue reading

Mulch-what mulching materials to give preference to
The most effective type of natural agriculture is soil mulching, which allows not to dry out and not to overheat the soil cover, thereby protecting the root system of plants.…


Hawthorn hedge-a great addition to the landscaping of the site (part 1)
Once the plot is surrounded by a fence, you can begin to create a green fence. Exactly, a hedge is a great addition to the landscaping of the site. It…


Cutting and pruning plants-4 types of pruning plants
Landscaping of territories of any types and directions assumes care of plants which includes a haircut of plants and pruning. Of course, if you have taken as a basis for…


How to purify swimming water: an overview of outdoor pool filtration methods
Reservoirs in the territories of gardens and suburban areas are often used by landscape designers. They allow you to harmoniously combine artificiality and naturalness in one design. Since country houses…