Moss garden-the historical direction of the Japanese garden
For the first time moss was used to create Japanese gardens. And this is not surprising, since the landscape design of territories in the Eastern style is focused on the…

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Apple trees in the garden - how to make a blooming garden correctly
The most grown and popular fruit in the world is the Apple tree, which has a huge variety of species, the number of which has more than fifty names. In…

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Hawthorn hedge-a great addition to the landscaping of the site
Creating a Persian garden is a complex and painstaking work. And landscape design, in this case, is based on the historical features of this style. It is known that the…

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Mulch-what mulching materials to give preference to

The most effective type of natural agriculture is soil mulching, which allows not to dry out and not to overheat the soil cover, thereby protecting the root system of plants.

Depending on the origin and composition of the mulching material is:



Organic mulch
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Green manure — it is recommended to adhere to the rules listed in article

Quite often, in the process of long-term planning of the garden, plants are used that do not allow the soil to lose water and moisture permeability.

For soil remain not planted (empty) enough harmful, so as she loses their properties and becomes infertile.

In order to preserve the soil and restore its structure, siderates are used. These are plants that have a beneficial effect on the soil and do not allow weeds to develop due to the developed root system.

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Unusual arborvitae-species, varieties and advice from experts

Thuja is a coniferous plant of the cypress family. Today, there are five species of TUI and a huge number of varieties, many of which are successfully decorated gardens.

Using the data of the plants on your site, you will be able to achieve a clear and beautiful layout, comfortable and harmonious environment.

Many of us associated with the word Thuja image of a columnar plant, which has a rich green color. Nevertheless, if we study this direction in more detail, we can note the fact that arborvitae have different shapes and colors. Their height can reach different levels, and the flowering period fluctuate.

Using arborvitae of small height, you can form the middle tier of garden compositions. The same can be said of the undersized species. The highest grades are usually planted on the perimeter of the territory or within the composition centers. Continue reading

Hedge of roses-practical advice from professionals
During the process of landscaping the site certainly raises the question of what plants are best to choose. Perhaps many will agree that nothing can compare with the beauty and…


Rose-a noble flower that can be a decoration of any area, regardless of its style. This plant looks great, as in the parterre plantings and landscape style. An incredible number…


Mirror garden decor-5 design tips from experts
People have long been interested in creating illusory spaces and unusual effects. This trend applies both to the arrangement of premises and to landscape design. This purpose perfectly serve mirrors…


The summer is over, bright greens like that too quickly and quietly changed the shades a Golden color, and soon the cold wind and did the bare silhouettes of the…