Forest design-tips for the arrangement of the site and garden in the forest
An avid dream of many nature lovers is to have your own house in the woods. After all, along with this house, the owner gets: clean air filled with oxygen,…

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How to prepare grasses for winter
No landscape design of the garden area can not do without the use of decorative grasses. They have become very popular due to its unpretentiousness: virgin millet; miscanthus; fescue; bouteloua…

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Hearth in the garden-tips for arrangement and design
Open fire in the garden-it is quite original and original. The use of elements that suggest the presence of a fire, allows you to make the garden cozy and festive.…

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Hedge of roses-practical advice from professionals

During the process of landscaping the site certainly raises the question of what plants are best to choose.

Perhaps many will agree that nothing can compare with the beauty and aroma of a blooming rose.

And if these plants a lot, the pleasure of seeing roses increases several times. They are perfect for flower beds and for the construction of fences.

At the same time, if you decide to make a fence of these plants, you should be prepared for the fact that:

in winter, the fence will be empty;

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Vertical vegetable garden-basic tips and tricks

The land around the private household has always been used with maximum benefit for the owners.

But nowadays, any owner of the local area strives to create a beautiful and optimal option, regardless of its size.

There should be present not only garden plants, but also decorative elements, and a green lawn for picnics, and beautiful flower beds with numerous flower beds.

But do not forget about the cultivation of fresh herbs and various herbs, a small amount of vegetables and berries. What if the availability of free space is completely absent, while there is a great desire to optimize the space?

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Cutting and pruning plants-4 types of pruning plants

Landscaping of territories of any types and directions assumes care of plants which includes a haircut of plants and pruning.

Of course, if you have taken as a basis for the arrangement of your site landscape garden, attention from the person will need a little less than in the case of a regular project. Here, clear shapes and sizes have an important role, which leads to frequent pruning and cutting of plantations.

There are four types of pruning plants
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Landscape design-tips from a landscape design company
When arranging any territory it is important to consider the basic requirements. These include practicality, safety and design. Practicality provides unhindered movement on the territory from one object to another.…


New old garden - how to revive an old garden or plot
A garden is a living organism. As soon as you stop caring for it, the process of withering begins. If the site is not cared for long enough, its appearance…


Thuja-gold in the garden or in the country, which will multiply
Carrying out the design of landscape design experts consider a variety of applications of original trees and shrubs, which throughout the year will delight with its life-affirming views. One of…


How to purify swimming water: an overview of outdoor pool filtration methods
Decorative function of reservoirs in suburban areas pay much attention, but often decorative ponds are not designed for swimming. Therefore, many owners of villas in order to create comfort in…