Installing an outdoor pool
When installing an outdoor pool, the first thing you need to solve the problem of purity and safety of water. The aquatic environment is the habitat of thousands of microorganisms,…

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How to purify swimming water: an overview of outdoor pool filtration methods (part 2)
In order to improve the garden was the most effective, it is important to pay special attention to the landscape project. Visualization of the idea is necessary first of all…

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Thuja-gold in the garden or in the country, which will multiply
Carrying out the design of landscape design experts consider a variety of applications of original trees and shrubs, which throughout the year will delight with its life-affirming views. One of…

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Protection from the wind in the landscape-3 tips from professionals

Unpleasant and inappropriate wind in open areas is a common problem faced by garden owners.

Even if you are in the most beautiful and cozy garden, the impression of the stay can spoil the unpleasant draft.

The wind can harm not only people, but also plants. Many varieties die due to the fact that the strong wind breaks the branches, does not allow the plantings to develop fully.

Especially dangerous cold and gusty wind in winter.

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The use of stones in garden compositions-tips, photos

Modern landscape design of the site increasingly refers to the origins and use of natural materials as a composite center.

And this is not surprising, as the abundance of artificial surfaces and the growing urbanization puts at risk natural and natural solutions.

A great example of gardens that are a manifestation of respect for nature, are the areas decorated in the Japanese style. In the East, natural materials are deified, while nature itself is a cult of worship.

If we talk about the elements that are most often used in Japanese gardens, it is worth noting the stone. A distinctive feature of the Eastern gardens is the recreation of mountain mounds, compositions that combine stones and flowers. Continue reading

Landscaping suburban area

Landscaping suburban area always requires special attention, because it is country houses allow you to relax from the hustle and bustle.

When creating a landscape design, many are looking for a special decor and plants, but forget about the advantages of artificial ponds.

Device decorative pond allows you to relax under the quiet murmur of water, not far from home.

There are many options for arrangement, using which you can build a system of reservoirs, creating an unforgettable natural atmosphere.

Landscape design provides the device of reservoirs of different types, combining them or placing separately. Continue reading

Unusual arborvitae-species, varieties and advice from experts
Thuja is a coniferous plant of the cypress family. Today, there are five species of TUI and a huge number of varieties, many of which are successfully decorated gardens. Using…


Landscape design of the suburban area
Landscape design of the suburban area allows you to turn even the smallest garden into a cozy environment. Landscape design of an apartment building But what about the yards of…


Hearth in the garden-tips for arrangement and design
Open fire in the garden-it is quite original and original. The use of elements that suggest the presence of a fire, allows you to make the garden cozy and festive.…


The summer is over, bright greens like that too quickly and quietly changed the shades a Golden color, and soon the cold wind and did the bare silhouettes of the…