Mirror garden decor-5 design tips from experts
People have long been interested in creating illusory spaces and unusual effects. This trend applies both to the arrangement of premises and to landscape design. This purpose perfectly serve mirrors…

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Hawthorn hedge-a great addition to the landscaping of the site (part 1)
Once the plot is surrounded by a fence, you can begin to create a green fence. Exactly, a hedge is a great addition to the landscaping of the site. It…

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How to purify swimming water: an overview of outdoor pool filtration methods
Garden, despite the fact that the original idea was intended for the cultivation of fruit plants, eventually turned into a place to relax. The aesthetics of planting ornamental trees and…

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How to prepare grasses for winter

No landscape design of the garden area can not do without the use of decorative grasses.
They have become very popular due to its unpretentiousness:
virgin millet;



bouteloua graceful;

sorabol air;

paniculate bearded man;

vole prominent;

Pompadour grass.

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Apple trees in the garden – how to make a blooming garden correctly

The most grown and popular fruit in the world is the Apple tree, which has a huge variety of species, the number of which has more than fifty names.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the numerous interspecies hybrids, which also have a number of positive characteristics.

On the territory of the European continent, this tree appeared a long time ago. Most likely it happened during the Paleolithic, as evidenced by archaeological excavations.

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Cutting and pruning plants-4 types of pruning plants

Landscaping of territories of any types and directions assumes care of plants which includes a haircut of plants and pruning.

Of course, if you have taken as a basis for the arrangement of your site landscape garden, attention from the person will need a little less than in the case of a regular project. Here, clear shapes and sizes have an important role, which leads to frequent pruning and cutting of plantations.

There are four types of pruning plants
Let’s talk about each of them in more detail: Continue reading

Installing an outdoor pool
When installing an outdoor pool, the first thing you need to solve the problem of purity and safety of water. The aquatic environment is the habitat of thousands of microorganisms,…


Hawthorn hedge-a great addition to the landscaping of the site
Creating a Persian garden is a complex and painstaking work. And landscape design, in this case, is based on the historical features of this style. It is known that the…


How to purify swimming water: an overview of outdoor pool filtration methods
One of the main architectural elements of the arrangement of a garden or suburban area are paths, which in addition to the direct purpose and perform a decorative function. Comfortable…


Landscape design-tips from a landscape design company
When arranging any territory it is important to consider the basic requirements. These include practicality, safety and design. Practicality provides unhindered movement on the territory from one object to another.…