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Mail composition – how to determine soil structure

Soil composition – the main factor responsible for the fertility of the land. This is especially true of the upper layers of soil cover, where the root system of plants develops.

This is where their nutrient enrichment takes place.

Before you start gardening, you need to check the structure of the soil on your site.

For this:

the mechanical and chemical composition is analyzed;

the ability of soil to absorb and retain moisture is considered;

the quantity and quality of humus contained in the soil is determined.

Types of soils and their characteristics
Design of landscape design of a personal plot defines such types of soils:

Heavy soil is characterized by a high content of clay, due to which it has a dense structure, poor air and moisture conductivity. Such soil must be subjected to loosening and periodic introduction of sand, ash and lime.

Sandy soil consists of sand and humus, retains air well, but does not have sufficient properties to retain moisture. Therefore, it needs frequent and abundant watering, regular fertilizer with peat and compost.

Loamy soil is most suitable for agriculture, has good breathability and moisture conductivity. To maintain constant fertility in loamy soils fertilize.

Sandy loam soil is most suitable for garden crops. This soil retains moisture well, delivering nutrients to the root system of plants. However, sandy loam soil requires small amounts of fertilizer.

Dusty soil has a strong dust flowability, which is unfavorable for the roots of plants exposed to exposure to winds. This soil is least suitable for gardening garden plot.

Chemical composition
Not unimportant role played by the chemical composition of the soil.


acidic (pH – 4 acidity);

neutral (pH 6-7);

alkaline (pH 8-9).

Determine the type of soil acidity can be in the laboratory or independently using litmus paper.

To do this, a small amount of soil is placed in a container with water, shaken and lowered into the resulting solution litmus paper. The paper changes color: acid soil-red, alkaline-blue.

On acidified soils, horticultural crops do not develop well, since nutrients are poorly retained in such soil.

Landscaping of the HOMESTEAD involves reducing the level of acidity by introducing a small amount of lime into the soil layer.

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