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Forest design-tips for the arrangement of the site and garden in the forest

An avid dream of many nature lovers is to have your own house in the woods.

After all, along with this house, the owner gets:

clean air filled with oxygen, not exhaust;

silence, broken only by the trills of birds;

the absence of worldly vanity.

It is in this place that you can fully devote yourself to fishing, picking mushrooms, berries, long walks or, finally, a quiet reading of an interesting book in the evening on the porch.

However, at the same time, forest landscape design requires compliance with a number of special requirements.

Forest protection
If you decide to build your own house in the forest, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to save the forest flora, and with it the fauna.

This is, of course, if you want to get quiet, wildlife, not just a desolate place away from civilization.

Protection of the forest flora is the most important problem facing the happy owners of the forest plots.

In particular, perennial trees are subject to protection, the felling of which can pull a lot of undesirable consequences.

That is why the initial task can be called a plan of landscape design. Among other things, this action will also save a round sum, since there will be no need to hire specialists for cleaning trees that interfere with the construction.

In addition, before the construction itself, it is necessary to consult a dendrologist-a specialist who is engaged in an inventory of all available plantations on the site.

Just he will tell you what plants are better to remove because of their old age, disease or danger to the lives of residents of the house. It will tell you what is better to leave and what can be removed without causing a strong blow to the forest nature.

Very often during construction, workers too much focus on their task, which does not take into account the need to preserve certain trees.

So that after the construction of the house does not get instead of lush trees bare land is necessary:

to build a protective fence;

make sure that there is no contact between construction debris and the soil of trees;

to watch that there was no contact of heavy equipment and building materials with trees;

make sure that all construction chemicals are exported far beyond the borders of the territory;

dig wells and lay the drainage system away from the roots of trees.

However, special attention should be paid directly to chemical waste. After all, in the case of their ingress into the soil, not only the life of plants will be threatened, but also the further greening of the site.

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