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Patio-tips for arranging a garden patio

Life in a private house predisposes much more worries than life in high-rise buildings.

And most of these concerns falls on landscaping and landscaping of the site.

Patio, or as it is called in folk-paved courtyard, came to us from the homeland of the world famous conquistadors.

It is hidden from prying eyes the courtyard, which is perfect for decorating children’s playgrounds, the organization of places of dining, BBQ area by the pool. Also, a paved courtyard can serve simply as a decoration.

If you plan to often resort to the use of the patio, it is necessary to think over its functionality as best as possible.

The main requirements include:

reliability of the whole structure;

easy cleaning of surfaces;

mandatory presence of rough surfaces, providing a secure bond even in wet weather.

Design of a paved courtyard
It does not matter whether you decide to do the construction yourself or order a landscape project, first of all you need to decide on the place where the patio will be located. After all, depending on its location, directly depends on its design.


For example, if you want to arrange a patio in the garden, the perfect romantic style.

But if the patio should be located in front of the house, it is best to resort to minimalism, because this direction looks the best against the background of nature.

If you want to isolate the patio area from the rest of the living area, it is best to lay around a beautiful lawn, significantly different from the rest of the surface.


The Seating area should be located in a shaded area, thinking in advance about the lighting. It is also worth remembering that if the patio is far enough from the house, the path to it should be well lit.

If we talk about the materials used for this purpose:

clinker brick;

natural stone;

stone slab;


The latter is a budget option, but the process of laying it is quite time-consuming and long.

The most popular options for such coatings are natural stone slabs. This is due to the presence of many variants of shapes, colors, sizes, textures.

It is also important to install a drainage system, which will provide waste water after rain.

In this case, the patio area should be placed under a certain slope or between the plates should be a small space that provides a natural drain of water.

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