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How to grow snowdrops in the country or in the garden

If you plant snowdrops in the suburban area, you will certainly be the first to know about the arrival of spring. Landscaping suburban area will help you with this.

Snowdrop – ” milk flower»

As soon as the snow begins to melt, and the first thawing appears, delicate flowers with a pleasant aroma sprout – snowdrops.

Translated from Dutch snowdrop-galantus – “milk flower”.

In different countries, this flower is called differently, and the first flowers that appear in the spring very much:

dream grass;





But these are only related flowers, the real snowdrop is Galanthus, which appears on the site in late February-early March.

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Where better to plant snowdrops
The design of the landscape design of the suburban area involves placing snowdrops in Sunny places with a small shadow:

on Alpine slides;

under trees and ornamental shrubs;

in a large area in the form of a “carpet”.

Snowdrops will look elegant in composition with other early spring flowers.

This flower is unpretentious and undemanding to planting grounds, so it does not require special care.

Planting snowdrops
The snowdrop is a perennial melkolukovichnye of a plant with basal linear leaves and drooping flowers, like roses with a diameter of 2.5 cm.

Bulbs can be planted until the end of November, deepening each tuber to a depth of 5-8 cm.

Planning landscape design of your site, you should pay attention to the fact that this flower begins to bloom in 3-4 years, when the bulbs are enough to take root and take root in a new place.

Pleasing to the eye will be snowdrops for 5-6 springs. Then they should be transplanted to another place, so that the plant does not degenerate.

To do this, dig the bulbs with not yet dead leaves together with a lump of earth and transplanted to a pre-prepared site. Do not transplant flowers in a state of flowering, they can get sick and die.

Before planting, it is desirable to feed the soil with ash or mineral fertilizers without nitrogen content.

Snowdrop is the perfect option for landscaping

The Studio of landscape design offers the clients landing of snowdrops and registration by primroses of country sites.

Perfectly formed Alpine slides, strewn with snowdrops in combination with primroses, hyacinths decorate any garden area, give it spring freshness and originality.

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