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How to prepare grasses for winter

No landscape design of the garden area can not do without the use of decorative grasses.
They have become very popular due to its unpretentiousness:
virgin millet;



bouteloua graceful;

sorabol air;

paniculate bearded man;

vole prominent;

Pompadour grass.

Many cereals are endangered in winter, so do not underestimate the means of their protection in winter.

Studio landscape design recommends to protect all plants from severe frosts and frosts.

This is especially true of cereal plants, which are most sensitive to a decrease in ambient temperature, as well as to an excess of moisture from the snow cover.

Excess moisture problems
Snowy winters significantly affect the surrounding flora and fauna. Precipitation during the winter period in the form of rain and snow contribute to the accumulation of excess moisture, which adversely affects cereals.

Preferring to cut decorative grasses in winter, summer residents cause them irreparable harm. Melt water, getting into the thin remains of the stems, freezes during frost and subsequently contributes to the death of the plant.

Leaving cereals untouched, in winter you can admire the snow-covered panicles of plants that look very impressive on the territory of the suburban area.

How to protect cereals from excess moisture
Long leaves and inflorescences should be collected in autumn in bunches and neatly tied. Moisture, getting on such sheaves, will flow down on the outside of the leaves, not getting into the core of the plant.

The upper inflorescences of cereals in the form of panicles perfectly serve as food for birds and decorative decoration of the garden.

Non-frost-resistant varieties of plants should be covered with spruce branches, but most cereals can still protect themselves from the cold thanks to the remaining withered foliage, which again suggests the benefits of spring pruning of cereals.

At the first appearance in the spring of new young shoots of the plant can be cut.

Design of landscape design of a country site is directed to carrying out works not only on gardening, but also to preservation of your plants from adverse environmental conditions at any time of the year.

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