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Hedge of roses-practical advice from professionals

During the process of landscaping the site certainly raises the question of what plants are best to choose.

Perhaps many will agree that nothing can compare with the beauty and aroma of a blooming rose.

And if these plants a lot, the pleasure of seeing roses increases several times. They are perfect for flower beds and for the construction of fences.

At the same time, if you decide to make a fence of these plants, you should be prepared for the fact that:

in winter, the fence will be empty;

it will be impossible to give the perfect shape of the Bush;

plants can begin to develop imperfectly in the absence of proper lighting.

However, despite this, if you show a little imagination, this design of roses can be very impressive. In addition to this, it must be said that with proper care, your shrubs will acquire a special splendor.

The varieties of roses
Special attention should be paid to the choice of varieties. For hedges it is best to take varieties that will be resistant to various climatic conditions and diseases. They should also have dense foliage.

It is best suitable for this purpose is wrinkled rose. Its stems are covered with many thorns that will not let pass not only people but also small animals.

The foliage is particularly dense. A distinctive feature of this species is that it is not affected by diseases such as powdery mildew.

Small Bush roses can also serve as the basis for a beautiful hedge. These shrubs can grow up to two meters in height. As a rule, the plants are planted one by one or in small groups. Can bloom several times a year.

No less popular are flower beds and roses, different from the rest of the large flowers that are collected in bunches similar to inflorescences.

The most commonly used varieties:
Tea hybrids-have large double flowers blooming alone. It is most practical to place them in small piles or in classic rosaries.

Polyanthus-flowers in such bushes are simple or double; collected in umbrella-shaped inflorescences.

Floribunda-this variety was bred by crossing the previous two. It is best to combine them in combination with large shrubs. Successfully used for the construction of hedges

Small roses-are lush branched bushes that grow to a height of only about 30 cm. Their distinctive feature is that they bloom several times during the season. When planting them, it is necessary to remember a very important feature – this variety is very fond of sunlight.

Landscape design of the site, which includes a hedge of roses, will be just the perfect option for all lovers of these plants.

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